16 March 2016

Hint of Pink


today I have something colorful for you. My recent posts were more about skincare but now I have bright almost fuchsia lip product to brighten up.

Manhattan Color Splash liquid lip tint Hint of Pink

On of the rare Manhattan products that I own but it really is a nice one. The full name is Color Splash liquid lip tint and mine is in the shade Hint of Pink. It comes in an average lip gloss tube with the same applicator. I remember there were only four shades available but now when I check their official page they are gone and are probably replaced with another similar named product, if you are interested they are here (I just might purchase a shade or two if I will find them).

Manhattan Color Splash liquid lip tint Hint of Pink

This is how it looks like straight from the tube. The applicator carries enough product so you don't need to get more from the tube, a little goes a long way and you have to work fast because when it start drying you can't fix it because it will come straight off. Just go evenly all over your lips and let it dry for a minute or two and you are done. You will noticed that it has a nice fruity scent and taste, when it dries you can lick it and it won't budge ;)

This is the stain that remained, it looses a bit of color but when it is completely dry you can apply another coat and get super bright color or I sometimes add fuchsia lipstick on top so it looks a bit glossy just because I like that finish and when the lipstick wears off I still left with a nice stain.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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