07 March 2016

The Oriental


I bought this Skin 79 The Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus eye cream through e-bay. It was part of the auction where I was the only participant. I ended up winning it and I have to admit I had high hopes because it was really expensive.

Skin 79 The Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus eye cream

I have been wearing it for around three weeks and I formed an opinion, which is that it sucks.
First the packaging is huge, this thing is bigger than my palm and it contains the average of 15 ml of product. The cream is a gel, which makes it fast absorbing and nice to use it in the morning when I don't have much time, in the evening or on days when I stayed at home I used more just to moisturize that area a bit more. I haven't noticed my skin to be more plumped or moisturized when I use it, it kind of does nothing to me in terms of moisture. The worst thing that I experienced is that my veins under my left eye become visible! What?! I woke up with an array of bluish/green map of my veins under my eye. I stopped using it for a couple of days and they are hardly seen now. OMG, this cream brought veins close to the surface or made my skin thinner or maybe more translucent, I'm not okay with any of this explanations. I give it a big thumbs down.

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