13 March 2016

SPF 45


warmer days are approaching. For me that always means that I get more concern about sun cream protection. I have a lot of different ones and so far non of them really worked the way I hopped it will.

Holika Holika Dazzling Sunshine Make up Sun Cream SPF 45

This is Holika Holika Dazzling Sunshine Make up Sun Cream SPF 45. I wondered for a while if I should order something so important as sun cream through e-bay, isn't it better to go to the local farmacy and get something from there? I did and nothing worked, so I turned to the Koreans. They are known to be very into skincare and particularly into sun protection (they prefer pale skintone and I assume they use a lot of sun care protection). Local brands have variety of products and it looks like they put a lot of thought into their products and I just assume that they actually work.

Holika Holika Dazzling Sunshine Make up Sun Cream SPF 45

This one has a nice SPF, I like everything that is above 30. The cream comes in a big 60 ml tube which is still convenient to travel around since it is more flat. The cream itself has a nice citrus-y scent which is not detectable once it is applied to the skin. It is cream colored but as you can see on the photo (I used the cream on the lover part of my hand) it still makes your skin lighter. This isn't a problem if you put make-up on top.
I find this cream to make my skin quite matte. I have to apply my regular moisturizer first otherwise my skin feels to dry and tight (I think this will be perfect for the summer when my skin get oilier). I like that since my skin gets oily on its own already. I have actually been skipping on my primer because this one works like a charm.
I was scared that it may break me out like majority of sun creams does but thankfully that hasn't happened.

I'm super surprised and excited about it. So far I love it but I have to see how it will get along with warmer weather and oilier skin that comes along but so far this is the best sun cream I have ever tried on my face. I think that says a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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