25 March 2016

Hi from Siberia


I haven't been there yet but I have a product which includes ingredients from there. I wanted to try their items for so long but the issue is that I have so much stuff that I really don't need more but I caved in and bought what I thought was a face wash...

Natura Siberica Tonic Lotion with Sophora Japonica & Arctic Melissa

The brands name is Natura Siberica and this is Tonic Lotion with Sophora Japonica & Arctic Melissa. The product is creamy and works as a cleansing milk. I like the bottle because it doesn't screw but it has a flip at the top where the product comes out so all you have to do is to squeeze the soft bottle and creamy product comes out. I use it with a cotton pad and it removes my make-up and skin afterwards feel moisturized as it does leaves behind a bit of a residue. I don't mind that especially at night. 
When it comes to the scent I expected to have more distinctive one, it says that it includes Melissa but mostly it just smells natural, a bit earthy nothing empowering.

I think it is a nice product that does its job while slightly moisturizing the skin as well but make sure it does not get in your eyes because it can hurt really bad.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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