11 March 2016

more grape


at first I haven't planed to review this product, it is just a nail polish remover. So plain and ordinary, honestly I usually don't even look which one I take as long as it is among cheaper ones. I think Afrodita ones aren't the cheapest but I got this one as part of the set and I thought it was very affordable.

Afrodita Aroma nail polish remover

So, this nail polish remover gets rid of my old nail polish from my tips really fast and efficient. I just soak the cotton pad and hold it on my nail for a couple of second and whip it off, pretty much everything comes off after only one swipe.
What really convinced me to dedicate it the entire post was the amazing scent. I already wrote about the matching hand cream here. I can't say how much I love this grape scent.
There are scented nail polish removers out there (I had some but they were nothing special, I also had the olive one from the same brand and it was just okay, nothing special) but this one actually smells like grape, of course there is also the nasty scent involved but when it evaporates the room smells like grape. Now my dinning room still smells like grapes and I removed my nails two/three hours ago. I think that is amazing. What an awesome way to scent your home.

Next time I will try the Essence remover, I checked and they have two different scents and I wonder if they will also linger after I'm done removing my polish.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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