17 March 2016

happy shopping


I saw that this week there is a sale on Benecos products. I would say that this brand is still quite new and I often browsed through products but never picked out anything. Big sale encouraged me to google this brand and I found positive reviews and nice products for quite cheap.

Benecos compact powder, blush, eye shadow and eye kohl

To test it out I picked 5 products (no lip items, I'm so proud).
First there is compact powder in Porcelain which is the lightest shade, next is trio powder blush (blush, shimmery highlighter and bronzer) in the only shade available Fall in Love. The smallest pan contains beautiful antique gold mono eye shadow So what? and next there is one of the three blushes, mine is in Toasted Toffee shade. The last item is eye kohl in White but it looks more cream colored to me and I hope it will be useful on my waterline.
I can't wait to start testing them out and if they will be any good I might pick some more items while they are on sale.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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