12 March 2016

Lily Lolo concealer


today I have for you one of my old products which you can see from the packaging. I think it was last year or was it already two years ago since they repackaged their products?

Lily Lolo concealer Blondie

I really wanted to try mineral make-up since I heard awesome reviews, they recommend it especially for acne prone and sensitive skin. I went with UK brand Lily Lolo because I found the store nearby and I wanted to see the shades in person before purchasing, I didn't wanted to buy something online. I initially wanted to get the foundation but all of the light shades were sold out.

Lily Lolo concealer Blondie

I went with a concealer from Lily Lolo in the shade Blondie. I even tried to use it all over my face since the ingredients are almost the same (I assume that the concealer in probably more pigmented?). Well, this all over the face didn't work. It was very powdery and bone dry, it sucked all of the moisture out of my skin and I have oily skin. I tried it under my eyes and I looked like I'm 100 years old.
Overall, I was really disappointed with this raved product. For a while I've put it aside and didn't even look at it. A while ago I had massive acne attack and I remembered this baby. Now I put it on top of the blemishes after I'm done with my make-up and it adds extra coverage, it stays put no matter how oily my skin gets and the most important thing, it dries them. I'm happy that I finally found some use for it.

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