30 March 2016

more Avon


a small package arrived and just made my day. This time I only ordered two items but I can already tell you that I will like them a lot.

Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie

First is a parfum Outspoken Fresh by Fergie that I wanted for a really long time. I had a couple of samples so I could try it but I never picked it up because I was always waiting for the best sale. Now they discontinued it so I barely managed to get my hands on it. I included the box on the photo as well, it is just so pretty.

Avon kohl eye liner in Bronze Sheen

The other item is a kohl eye liner in Bronze Sheen with a convenient sponge at the end to smudge it out. They had awesome deal that I just couldn't let it go.
Super short for today but tomorrow I will post about the blush which I have been using non stop for the last two weeks or so.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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