23 March 2016

more Benecos


as predicted I went back and picked up some more Benecos items. I knew I want some more pencils and highlighter but the eye shadow palette jumped in when I wasn't looking, I swear.

Benecos products

I picked up 5 natural kajals, one of them is already a backup in White the rest are new to me and I will have lots of fun trying them out. I have Night blue, Olive, Bright blue, Grey and White, if you believe me those aren't all of the shades, some of them I didn't picked up and now that is bugging me.
Next is the highlighter in Stardust, it is the only shade that they have and is packed in the same sized pan as the mattifying powder. I had to have it because it has silver shimmer and the rest of my highlighters are gold, so I justified this purchase.
The last is the eye shadow quad in Coffee & Cream that I really didn't need but swatches that I found online were so beautiful...

Next weeks will be crazy, trying to test everything but it should also be fun.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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