03 March 2016

Batiste for blondes


I'm back with some more hair stuff, another dry shampoo and I think this will be the last one because I have finally found what works for me.

Batiste dry shampoo for blondes

This is another Batiste dry shampoo that is available in our drugstores and this one is meant for the blondes. My hair are more light brown but with some natural blonde streaks and I find out that this color blends in really well. I love that it is very strong, a little and my hair looks freshly washed but it is the scent that bothers me. Like I mentioned with the brown one this one also smells like old, used socks, in this section I prefer Avon's dry shampoo (it smells amazing, I would buy perfume with that scent) but that one is not as effective because I have to spray more to achieve the same result but because it doesn't have color it is faster, I just spray it on and I'm ready to leave while with this Batiste one I have to shake my hair a bit so they don't look to powdery.
I think I will repurchase this Batiste blonde version again as well as Avon one. For me they are the best, slightly different but appropriate for different occasions

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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