06 March 2016

green primer


I have been testing a new primer and I don't consider myself as an expert because this is my third ever primer but I still wanted to share my opinion and maybe a couple of years later I will read back this post and rediscovered something that I liked.

The Face Shop Air Cotton make-up base in Mint

This one is from The Face Shop and the full name is Air Cotton make-up base in Mint, so another redness reducing primer. It is smooth and applies like a moisturizer. The shade is very light and it bleaches me a little bit but it's okay since I always put BB cream or foundation on top. It does not make my skin super matte but my make-up afterwards looks nice, slightly dewy, just the way I like it.

The Face Shop Air Cotton make-up base in Mint

I have been using it all over my face but I tried to use extra under my eyes where I have fine lines, around my nose where I get really oily and around my mouth where laugh lines are appearing (I smile a lot  ;)  and my make-up did surprisingly well. I experienced way less creasing.
This baby proved to be worth it. I don't know when I will use the other primer since this one just become my Holy Grail primer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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