29 March 2016

Are they really the same?


I'm guilty of storing my make-up all over the place. Maybe I'm doing this so I don't realize just how much make-up I really own plus I buy dupes completely unaware. Don't believe me? Just watch these two palettes.

Terra Naturi Once upon a time... & Catrice Absolute Nude palette

Smaller one is Terra Naturi Once upon a time... and bigger is the Catrice Absolute Nude palette. On a first glance the shades are identical but when swatched there are minor differences but all in all you definitely don't need both.
If you want to check my Terra Naturi palette review you can do it here or if you are more interested in Catrice palette  you can find more details here.

I would say that second, third and fourth shade show some differences, especially on the skin they appear the most different. While the second shade in the Catrice palette has basicly no base color just shimmer the one in TN palette has rosy color besides the shimmer. Third shade in TN pan comes off much warmer than the one in Catrice and the most noticeable difference is in the fourth shade. The one in TN is more yellow toned opposed to khaki green/antique gold that you can find in the Catrice palette.

I really got sucked down the rabbit hole with eye shadows. That is the ultimate prof that I don't need any more. I hope I will stay strong and try not to buy shadows for the whole month of April, whish me luck.

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