09 March 2016

For babies butts and my face


I'm back with another skincare post. This time is my favorite night cream type of product. I'm almost done with my first tube and on the photo is the second one.

Mixa Barier Cream Baby-Change

It is Mixa Barier Cream Baby-Change. It is a cream meant for babies butts to prevent irritation and reduce the redness. I had Bioderma Anti Redness cream and these two perform the same, the only difference I could find is in the price and packaging. The Bioderma one comes in a 40 ml tube and costs around 20 € while this Mixa one carries 100 ml of product and you can get it for around 4 €.
I use it only at night because it is very greasy (I don't mind it because I usually sleep on my back and I don't wipe it of in my pillow) but it moisturize my skin very well. Have you ever had dry irritated and red nose because you had a cold? Well, then you probably haven't been using this cream. I swear my nose looked fine, no one noticed I had a cold but that is not all. It says it is anti redness cream and I have overall pretty pink/red irritated face and using this baby every night helped to reduce it for real.

I can see why people overlook this cream, I mean it is meant to be applied on babies buttocks. Probably I'm the only crazy person out there who read what it says on the packaging and think oh yeas, that would be amazing for my face as well  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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