10 December 2018

I will never desert you


for today I have one of the 'forgotten' posts but not product. I really like it and if you got your hands on it and love it as well...

It is Essence Wanted: Sunset Dreamers TE and this is their fading bronzer (they also had blush in the same packaging with the same fading design but the colors just didn't appeal to me) with the name I'll never desert you ( I love this cheesy name).

So the 'bronzer' looks very interesting but I would say that this is more of a face palette than just a bronzer. You see, the first half is highlighter and the other side is more of a bronzer. This product especially caught my eyes because of its tone.

The bronzer side looks very neutral (my photos don't do it justice), not cool toned so it can be mistaken for a contour powder but rather a bronzer that doesn't have orange tint in it. For that I really like it even though I have to be very careful that I place my brush in the same spot to do my other cheek so both sides of my face match ;)

Here I made three swatches with this palette in order of the pan but you can make way more combinations with it. I usually go in with my bronzer brush somewhere in the center (second swatch) and bronze my cheeks. If I want more glow I dab my brush at the beginning and apply some more highlighter.
There is shimmer through the entire palette so if you like matte then this isn't for you. Luckily I love shiny cheeks and this type of finish is my favorite. There are no glitter particles or visible shimmer but more of a glow/sateen finish.

For me they could make this product permanent and come out with more shades of highlighter/bronzer and they could also make some blush combos. I would support that if they would keep this amazing finish.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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