03 December 2018

Yes, Eye Can


today I have a very special palette here. The moment I lay my eyes on it I hoped it would be available here in Slovenia and I remember I was checking the stores nearby twice a week just so I wouldn't miss it. At the end they were placed in the 'perfume' section and I found it by accident  ;)

I only grabbed the Yes, eye can natural look one and not the other ones from Essence or Catrice (L.O.V. ones weren't even available here).
This is just the cardboard packaging but it is so pretty with the shiny metallic dots, right?

The outside of the palette looks a bit dull with light pink and red dots but that doesn't matter, what is really important is hidden inside.

It is filled with neutrals and mostly they are warm toned. I love my neutrals but I gravitate towards neutral tones or cool browns, so this was something new for me.

Here it looks like it has a lot of variety in tones but in real life some of the shades can look similar especially on such small area as an eye lid.

Here they are the top two rows, a lot of warm orange tones and sparkles.

The first shade Say Yes is matte, cream color that I had to build up to even show. It is sheer and very close to my skin tone but I use shades like that to apply over primer or to diffuse any harsh edges.

Be Glowing is one of my favorites with this gorgeous intense metallic finish. It is a bit warm but compared with the rest not so much.

Rusty orange is Be Unique and honesty I'm a bit scared of this shade. It is not my cup of tea but I have tried it one afternoon and it seemed very pigmented but not something I would wear.

Next to it is a similar shade but with a big chunky glitter (five in total with this finish) Be A Star.
Again, this is also not something I would be comfortable wearing but I did give it a go and it had quite a lot of fallout (in fact all glittery shades have glitter fallout so doing the eyes first is a must).

Take A Risk is one of my favorite glitters but I was a bit disappointed with the glitter all over my face. Essence can make amazing glittery shades but this one just didn't cut it, unfortunately because I really liked this antique cooler toned gold.

The last one on top row is Have Fun and I did have lots of fun. I have realized that mauve tones really suit me and this slight shimmery finish is absolutely gorgeous.

If I follow with the second row, the first shade is very yellow toned gold in the Do ME shade. I do like golds but only if they aren't so yellow so this one was a pass for me.

Go For It is a deeper brown with shimmer, no particular fallout and the best is to apply it with a finger. Just a bit of a dab on the lid and the party can continue.

Be Happy is another rather unusual shade for me. It is very light pastel peach and I tried it as a transition shade and it did work but I wasn't in love with it. This is another shade that I'm happy that I have tried it but I can live without it.

Do My Best (and the following two shades are the last super glittery shades with intense fallout). It is very warm orange-y goals and it did not rock my boat.

Just Do It is in my opinion the most unique shade in here and I'm on a lookout to find a dupe in single format, any ideas? The base in mauve but with intense silver blue shift. I have never thought that I would like it but I did, unfortunately the glitter all over my cheeks did leave bitter taste in my mouth.

Do It For Love glitter is more red toned than Be A Star but very similar. I tried it after I came home from work and I can't imagine myself wearing it out to the public (there is nothing wrong with red shadow but some of us just aren't made for this bold shade).

And now the other half or the last two rows of warm neutrals.

The first shade named Make It Happen is barely visible because of its almost non existing color but it does have tiny golden shimmer. In theory I do like this barely there look but I wish that the shimmer wouldn't be so yellow toned.

Be Fabulous is more of a chestnut warm brow and a nice color to have. The intense shimmer makes it shine and it can easily be a stand alone shade or a pop of something-something on the lid.

Be A Legend is matte and really nice crease shade for my skin tone and light color of my skin. A neutral maybe even cooled toned matte brown is sort of essential and really nice to find in this massive palette.

Cuddle Up is a bit less warm and has smaller shimmer than Be Fabulous but other vise very similar. I picked this one if I didn't want my look to be so loud as it can be with Be Fabulous.

Go For Gold is also very shimmery gold again also very similar to the previous Cuddle Up and Be Fabulous. Go For Gold has more gold in it  but the finish is the creamier as it is with the Be Fabulous one.

Do It Dark looks a bit odd in the palette almost as an alien with its murky matte tone but if you have black brows and want to fill them in with an eye shadow this is the one to go. I could create more of a natural brows (I always fill them in with eye shadow and angled brush and even though my brow hairs are pitch black I prefer to use softer blacks or greys to make them look more natural) or I would softly line my eyes, it gave them definition without being too obvious.

Be Myself also has two other shades in this row that look very similar. It has some shimmer and it is a peachy gold shade, nice all over the lid color when I didn't want to be too fussy with my make-up.

Even peachier version of Be Myself is Do Good, the sheen is slightly less intense but also very beautiful.

Be A Winner is more yellow toned and therefore not something I would love on myself.

Another beauty is Take It Easy, matte mauve and I just can't believe that I have fallen in these mauve tones so much. It is very light and great for the crease.

Do It Again is darker almost matte brown,great for darkening the outer corners or lining the eyes and give them some warmth.

I really screw it up with the last swatch named Go Natural but I hope you can see the intense metallic sheen, this would make a beautiful highlighter and cheeks would probably be seen from out of space ;) I have only used it on my lids and it is gorgeous, I want it in a single format.

To sum it up, there are 6 matte shades (Say Yes, Be Unique, Be Happy, Be A Legend, Do It Dark and Take It Easy), 5 very creamy metallic- they look like I have applied them wet but they are just dry swatches which is probably my favorite finish in this palette (Be Glowing, Do ME, Go For Gold, Be Myself and Go Natural), 3 colors with intense base bit with some bigger shimmer tossed in the mix, if they are not pressed into the skin you can just blow on them and the particles fly away (Go For It, Be Fabulous and Be A Winner), one barely there shade with some small shimmer (Make It Happen), one with almost matte finish but when you look at it up close you see some tiny shimmer (Do It Again), 3 sateen like finish (Have Fun, Cuddle Up and Do Good) and last but not least 5 intense glitters with major fallout (Be A Star, Take A Risk, Do My Best, Just Do It and Do It For Love).

All in all I like the palette and I would totally keep it if I wouldn't already own so many shadows, especially I have tons and tons of neutrals and this palette is full of them. The difference being that most of them here are warm and as I already said I prefer cooler toned neutrals. I purchased this palette myself but I don't feel bad for giving it away. Tomorrow I will pass it down to my sister and since she also wears neutrals and doesn't have so many shadows I think she will really like it. The massive mirror hidden in the top is also a big plus.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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