30 December 2018

Happy New Year


yesterday I went to the post office to pick up my mail but was completely taken by a surprise by a large package. Familiar writing and I immediately know who sent me this bag. Nope, it wasn't my mom or a secret admirer but it was from my lovely PR lady from Cosnova. Thank you so very much for this lovely gift.

I just took products out of the package but haven't used them jet but some of the products I already own so I know their formulas and I know I will love them (magnetic loose eye shadow with velvet texture is nothing but amazing and the caring volume lip gloss is some of my favorite glosses lines and this is now already the third tube of it). In the new year I will have fun trying out the white superior strength & volume lash primer which promises stronger and more voluminous lashes after a month of regular use - very intriguing and at the top there are the golden highlighting drops which looks more champagne toned than gold and therefore more natural on the skin. I'm super excited to not only try the new products out but also very ecstatic because of this really nice gesture from them.

Thank you and have a very good New Year full of joy and hugs

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