15 December 2018



cold weather and some snow announce true Winter. I don't like this season but since I'm an optimist I do anything to make me feel better. I light up my fireplace, warm up some hot chocolate, bundle up on couch with some books... I would do pretty much anything until reality strikes me and I have to embrace the cold and go to work  ;)

I think that the name of the brand is Roberts and it is their Rose water/toner. Mine is just a sample bottle that I received when I bought the full size (I gave it to my mom and she loves it). I feel in love with it after first use, it is rose scented which is already a big plus for me but it also feels moisturizing and a great companion for my make-up. I pour it in a spray bottle and use it over my make-up and it just makes it better. It is quite hard to explain but I can see a difference to the better. My skin afterwards isn't to dewy just hydrated and healthy looking. Now I'm using something else but I'm buying the big bottle next (one for me and one for my mom).

Dusch das is a very cheap brand that makes body washes. I remember a couple of years when I went on a vacation with my parents and we completely forgot to take a body wash with us so we found this one in a local market and the Magnolia scent charmed me. It is nothing too special but this scent take me places, I probably won't buy other scents but this one for sure I will.

Green Pharmacy products were on my list for a long time so when I was running low on micellar water I purchase this tall bottle. It is gentle on my skin but unfortunately also on make-up. I wash my face with face wash and as a last step I soak cotton pad with some micellar water to remove any bits of foundation or eyeshadow left but this one just couldn't handle it. I won't be buying it again.

Biotherm recovery face gel intense hydration prolong your tan gel was something I purchased at the beginning of this Summer. For its claims to prolong your tan you have to have some tan to begin with ;)   I used it as a night time moisturizer and it didn't disappoint. It feels like an ordinary aloe gel but way more hydrating. I didn't even need to top it off with oil or heavier cream, this lightweight gel was completely enough. It is a stellar product but the packaging has its flaws. On the photo you can't see but the straw doesn't reach all the way till the bottom so I was not able to get the last bits of product out (it was expensive so I would really like to dig everything out), I thought of taking scissors or knife but knowing how clumsy I am I would rather keep all of my fingers so I'm tossing this pretty hard plastic bottle away even though that there is still some amazing product left.

I finally decided to try the only mascara that my sister uses and she swears by. It is Avon Supershock mascara (I have used up a couple of tubes of the Supershock Max and loved it). This one is its big sister and it is gorgeous. Big brush my look scary at first but the plastic bristles combs through every lash. It can look very natural (it individualize and lengthen every single lash) with two coats it still doesn't look clumpy but a bit more dramatic (not in a false lash kind of way). I fell in love with it and I'm definitely buying it again.

The next mascara is from Catrice and it is The little black one in waterproof version. Compared to the Avon brush this one is tiny. It is very wet and if I didn't wipe it really well it made a big mess. With this one I had to take an extra step to remove the excess and slowly build it up but once it was on it looked quite dramatic and nothing could ruin it (it survived my sisters wedding day). Still, I wouldn't repurchase it but I would rather get their Lashes to Kill mascara next.

Missha perfect cover BB cream in the shade 13 was something I bought ages ago. A couple of years I was only wearing BB creams but those times has changed but I'm still left with quite a lot of Asian BB creams which I use on my neck and chest (it depend from my clothes and how deep the cuts go). This one was a bit too light but it was nice to mix in with other BB creams. This tube never really convinced me to get the more suitable shade for myself. For me the coverage wasn't impressive enough and so  I was always scratching my head whenever I have read or heard people raving about it.

Benecos Fall in love blush trio was an amazing blush that I already miss. I talked about it here you can also see how it looks like. The color was a fresh coral-pink with build in highlighter. In original post I stated that the blush and highlighting strip feels softer and the bronzer strip harder and I was right. I had a massive pan in the center and towards the coral blush part it was very thin while the brown side was still quite intact. Last week when I used it, happy with the result I accidentally dropped it and it smashed all over my floor so I had to clean it up and admit that it is gone. I know that this trio is still available and I have set a goal for myself. When I will finish two more blushes I will go and pick this baby again, I just have to stay away from purchasing novelties and use what is already in my stash.

That last bit goes for all my make-up and cosmetic, I will try to finish at least two products from the same category before purchasing a new one at least if used one wasn't the only one. I decided that I'm not going to wait till next year to make resolutions which will benefit me but I will start right now and here.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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