16 December 2018

Project Polish


today I would like to show you my recently used up nail polishes. All of them look like there is still something left but since they are so old they got thick and goopey. I did use all of them recently and I had to tilt the bottles to get enough polish out to paint all of my nails and even then I got tip wear really soon. I really like all of these shades but they are past their prime so they have to go.

First we have Catrice Royal REDding which has a sand finish that I adore. It is a standard bright red but the finish is what makes it so special. This has to be one of my favorites and because Catrice discontinued it long time ago I'm checking other brands for something similar (I know Misslyn has some diamond/sand finish varnishes, I have to check their stand the next time I will be at the store).

The next two bottles I believe belong to the same brand Joy. I can always find them in various stores all tossed together in giant bowls and you have to dig in to check the shades. For me that is not very appealing because it makes them look even cheaper even though they cost around one Euro anyways. One reason why they are so inexpensive is the 5 ml bottle and the other is that they don't even have names so I name them myself. The first color reminds me of bottle of a Jam. Purple base with purple and red shimmers and almost jelly texture looks delicious on the nails. The other is darker almost black blue-purple with tons of silver sparkles that shines like stars on Starry Night.

The very last one is also one of my favorites and it is Essence Grey-t to be here. I'm in love with grey nail polishes and it doesn't even matter if they are light or dark, shimmery, glittery or creams... I like them all. This was pretty unique with its light color and pink and golden shimmer in it. It had a little something to it to stand out and I definitely appreciate that especially if you have so many bottles of gray polish.

I know, not the best photograph but it is the only half decent that I could make. The red one isn't so light on the nails and all the other have shimmer which is more shiny in person. Only the Starry Night looks quite true to it self and boy oh boy it is gorgeous. Well, all four were magnificent colors and I will miss them all but life goes on and there are still so many colors in my stash that need to get used up.

These four bottles concludes 40 bottles that I got rid of this year alone. Some of them I used up, some I had to toss because they were too old and some I gave away to a better home but all in all I have 40 bottles less (I did bought and received some so my collection didn't exactly went down for forty but it is still a pretty good accomplishment). I think I deserved a good pat on the back  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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