02 December 2018

soon to be gone Catrice products


I randomly stumbled upon a list of products that Catrice will soon discontinue. The entire list could be foun here.

I went through it and there really isn't that many products that would interest me, I picked out five and the next time I will be at the store I will checked them out and if they will look nice I will wait for the sale prices.

This big Professional Artist eye shadow palette in The Key Piece surprised me the most to see it on this list because I heard nothing but rave reviews so I was always interested in it but there are two brighter pink shades that always made me turn away plus I was always telling myself that I really don't need more shadows. If I could get it at the reduced price I will get it otherwise I will let this one slide.

For this #insta to go blur stick face primer I have mixed feelings. I loved the one from Catrice LE Travelight Story and Essence For Boys and Girls which were in the same packaging and really nice on my skin so if this one is anything similar I will get it. There was another one from this years Catrice LE Active Warrior again in the same packaging but that one is more silicone based and even stronger but in this cooler weather my skin doesn't like it but I will save it for the hot Summer. So long story short Catrice and Essence had face primers in the same chubby packaging and I had all three and I love them all (some work better in hotter some in cooler weather) so I will for sure check this one out since the ones I have are all LE and therefore no longer available and if the formula will remind me of some previous primers I will buy it.

Wow, this Light Spectrum Strobing Brick in the Brown Brilliance shade is another one of those products that charmed me at first glance (there are two other color options but they don't interest me at all). It is something I have already bought at the beginning of November but I haven't reviewed it jet. I think that if it managed to get on my to-buy list again is a big enough hint of how much I like it  ;)

It's Glow Time is one of the big Light in a box highlighter palettes. I'm not really interested in other bigger palettes with this pan position and honestly even this one almost didn't cut it. I think I have swatched it in the store and since I didn't buy it that tells me a lot but maybe if I will find it for very cheap I will be able to 'overlook' the shades that are a part of it but don't interest me (the second on top looks very yellow and the special effect top coat is more of a sparse glitter).

P.S. The more I look at this palette the less I want it...

And for last I have saved only one nail related product and it is one of super eye catching Shake & Seal top coats. If I will get it I think I will get the 'boring' silver one named Icy Slowdonwn. I don't think they give a lot of color but each has different shimmer or glitter even though some look very similar so if I will get it I will get one bottle only. I googled a bit and I have found two different ladies with very dark nail polish on and when they added one coat of Icy Slowdown on top it looked like crushed ice-holographic. I used to have a holo top coat but it got all gunky and hard so I had to toss it and I think that this would be a nice replacement.

Now we just have to sit tight and wait for them to announce all of the new products which will replace current ones and I can't wait.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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