14 February 2019



it is the middle of the month and also a Valentine's day. Happy celebration to everyone, I'm sending lots of love and hugs out into the world. I'm single but that doesn't stop me, love is everywhere and it is nice to be reminded every once in a while to tell your favorite people how you feel or just smooch them. Today I'm going to visit my family and my furry friends and we will spent some nice, quality time together.
This is also the time to show some more love to my blog and used up products. Actually all four that I have finished will eventually be repurchased, they are that good.

Avon Naturals Passion fruit and Peony body lotion is amazing. The lotion has nice consistency which absorbs quickly, it moisturizes nicely (I wouldn't recommend it for super dry skin) and the scent is something I was completely blown away. I think I had this in the past so I had to get it to see if I still like it and boy, oh boy, do I love it. If you like fresh fruity scents with just a tad of flowery note than this is for you.

Another lotion in a very similar scent category is this little Nivea Berry Charming mix me pot (there are two other versions which I also own and they suggest mixing them together to create unique experience), I was mixing it with the Avon lotion or used it on its own because I loved the scent so much. I would describe this scent as a mixture between peony and raspberry. This texture also absorbed very quickly and made my skin smell divine. This one also reached top spot and most probably I will repurchase it again.

Aveo Melon nail polish remover is very cheap and effective nail varnish remover. This version contains acetone and next time when I will be buying it I will get it again because at the moment I'm using one version without acetone and it takes much longer and way more rubbing to get it off.

The very last item is something that my skin really likes and this has to be my third or fourth bottle of it, it is Alkmene tea tree face wash. Two pumps wash my entire make-up off (even waterproof mascara that I'm using right now) and my skin seems to respond to the tea tree oil really well. Right now I have the Himalaya neem foaming face wash which is another favorite of mine and I think I will most probably just stick with these two for now.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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