01 October 2022



  a little late but still here :)

First is The Body Shop Wild Argan oil for body and hair. I had this bottle for so long that now it really was the last time to start using it before it turned on me. To me it smells divine (I had a body butter in this scent and it was also a love) and it was a bit of a shame that I used it as a make-up remover... but that was the only way to finish it up before going bad. It did work well as a first step of removing make-up but the scent is just too good to use it for that. I would buy it again but to use it a moisturizer as intended so the scent would linger and last all night.

Next is another oil, this one is Avon Advance Technique moisturizing serum with Argan & Coconut, this one is specifically for hair and surprisingly I did use it on my hair exclusively. One pump on slightly wet hair after washing them really made them soft and less frizzy. I would buy it again but I have a few other just as amazing oils left and I really need to go through all of them before buying more.

A few years ago I fell in love with chemical and enzyme scrubs because I find them more suited for my acne textured skin. This is Q+A Apple AHA exfoliating gel. I used it on cleansed skin in the evening and the next day my skin felt softer and smoother. It is a gel texture so I had to be careful when I opened the tube because the product would just come out. Even though acid can be strong for my sensitive skin this one didn't irritate me and I just massaged it into my skin and then rinsed it off and continue with my night time routine. I would get it again but at the moment I'm using something different and I need to finish what I already have.

I previously had hair conditioner from Nivea in a blue tube but they discontinued it and replaced it with this pink tube so I decided to buy it and see if it is just as good as the previous version and I can say that they are super similar and make my hair look their best. It is Nivea hairmilk natural shine mild conditioner. It is a thicker gel which I use after washing on damp hair, I leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse. My hair are softer, smoother (less frizz and shinier) I also noticed that my hair would be more straight (my hair are naturally straight but sometimes I get a random curl after sleeping on them but not after using this conditioner, they look almost as if I straighten them, just more polished and it looks like I put way more effort into styling them in the morning than I actually did). I already bought a new tube and using it in my shower.

The last item is Nivea hand cream, smooth care in mini 30 ml packaging. I received mine in an advent calendar so I'm not sure you can buy this little size (I at least haven't seen it in the store but I can get it in the same type of packaging but bigger). This is super cute and the product inside is also nice, scent vise it is nothing special but the cream is lightweight and absorbs quickly. I do find it moisturizing when my hands aren't very dry, when I get super dry skin this isn't enough. I know still I have Cherry Blossom version that I need to finish but probably I won't buy more because there are better creams out there.

Thank you  for reading and have a nice day

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