03 September 2022

Liquid Lustre Gold


I think Summer is the perfect time to wear something extra glowy and this particular product is just that, great for hot summertime.

I purchased Makeup Revolution London liquid highlighter in the shade Liquid Lustre Gold. It comes in a large 18 ml bottle with a pipette.

I purchased it online so I wasn't completely sure how the shade would suit me. It is bronze toned gold but still a bit too dark to use on its own on my fair skin. My plan was to mix it into foundation so being too dark didn't bother me much.

It is on a liquid side and that makes it easier to use or mix into other liquids. It is also very metallic and reflective (think of a mirror like finish). 

On me, slightly sheered out it came off as slightly peach toned but still too obvious to wear on its own.

Here the reflection is seen better, you could blind someone while wearing it solely on your cheeks, but since my idea was to mix it into my foundation I noticed that it kind of got lost in there and I was just left with a shimmery face. Not the look I was going for, I kept it for the Summer time and I thought that perhaps I will wear it on a vacation but since I didn't use it not even once I decided to give it away to my sister.

I think it is a cool product if you like super glowy highlights and I suggest to use it on its own, I think it looks better than mixed into foundation.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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