17 July 2019

Warm Glow bronzer


Summer is in full swing so it is only appropriate to expose some bronzers. I personally love wearing it all year round but only on my cheeks, I'm too scared to look muddy or dirty if I would use it all over my face. My love for bronzers is so high that it is so hard to resist and I keep buying more. My last bronzer purchase is ths one from The Body Shop.

It is from The Body Shop Baked to last line and my shade is Warm Glow (there is even darker hue available).

I'm a sucker for anything marbled and bronzey so this was an obvious purchase for me.
It looks quite shimmery and the lady working there said that the glitter particles mostly fall off, that is only half true. There are still some shiny bits left but not as many as you wold expect.
The shine didn't bother me but I was a bit scared of the orange hue, I swear that in the store it looked more muted.

Here I have swatched the Warm Glow in the middle and you can see just how orange it pulls ( a little too much for my liking especially compared with other bronzers in my collection which have other, more natural looking undertones for my skin tone).

First swatch here was made with Essence Mosaic compact powder in Sunkissed Beauty which also has some shimmering bits but compared with the TBS one looks matte and more peach toned. I also had to layer it to even show it on my skin, it is very light and perfect for pale complexions because it layers nicely and rarely looks too heavy. In my opinion the lighter pigmentation means that you just can't go wrong ;)  and it is one of my favorites.
Second, middle shade is TBS Warm Glow.
And the last stripe is my beloved Catrice Light Spectrum Strobing Brick in Brown Brilliance. This tone is everything. Do you see how much more brown it is? No orange tones present? I love that and it is a shame that more bronzers don't look like that.

I think it is pretty obvious that I'm not going to keep Warm Glow. It is almost too glittery even for me but the most important aspect is the tone and it is just too warm for me. It doesn't look natural  on my cheeks so instead of keeping it I decided to pass it on to someone who will love it more and I will use the ones that I truly enjoy wearing.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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