03 December 2017

Black Friday Madness


Black Friday is already behind us, did you indulge yourself? I know I did. I really needed new boots which I bought with a whooping discount but there was also a drugstore next to it and naturally I went in and didn't walk out empty handed. I actually bought more stuff but some of them are 'boring' necessities or gifts for the upcoming holidays.

I wanted to try the famous EOS sphere balms for so long that I decided to finally snatch them on sale. I wanted to see what is this whole craze over the Pumpkin Space flavour and since it was only available in a set with the Vanilla Bean I picked up the set (I still haven't decided if the Pumpkin Spice scent is okay or I hate it, I will report back after I actually try it).

Labello came out with their version as well and they call them Labellino and since I'm a mint fan I picked the Mint scented one.

In the corner there are my new Real Techniques 2 miracle complexion sponges. The one I'm using right now from Bell cosmetics is great but getting old so I will soon need to replace it and everyone seems to love these orange ones so I hope they will live up to the hype for me as well.

I had my eyes locked on this Essence mosaic compact powder in Sunkissed Beauty for way too long. I'm a sucker for anything multitoned and this bronzer looked light enough for my pale complexion.

The L'occitane Terre de Lumiere radiant balm was an impulse purchase. I went in to only buy some gifts for my loved ones, I didn't want to buy anything for myself but I started talking with the sales lady about the already discontinued Acacia line. She offered me this hand cream to sniff saying that it has similar notes but to her it smells even better. I'm tempted to go back and buy the perfume...(for myself) needles to say that the scent is gorgeous ;).

The last items are new, revamped Catrice Art Couleurs single eye shadows. They feel buttery soft to the touch and I picked four shades, not that I need more. The darkest, bronzey shade is called Mademoiselle Chic, next to it on the top is Like and Subscribe, grey with pink reflex. I think my favorite is softer, bronze shade named Chocolate Cake by the Ocean and the last one at the bottom is the highlighting shade called Metallic Lights.

I'm planing to make individual posts with all of these products after I try them sometimes in the near future.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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