30 December 2017

Project Polish


I'm back with my last (for this year) project polish post.
I have picked this beautiful berry Avon Color Trend Deluxe shade.

It is cream, no shimmers or glitters but it doesn't need it. If you like rich berry shades then you know that they are beautiful on its own and don't need any distraction.

On the nails it looks a bit brighter than in the bottle but I don't mind. I figure it out that the polishes within CT range have a bit bushier brushes and I have a bit of a trouble applying them nicely. That and the fact that I have a similar shade with better brush made this beauty stand in the corner forgotten so when I tried to use it it was all goopy and stringy. I'm sad to toss it but at least I have another shade in very similar color. Next year I'm gonna focus on it and try to use it up completely so it won't end up half way full like this baby.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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