30 November 2017



wow, this month really went by too fast. It is already the last day of Autumn and we are entering Mr. Winter tomorrow. I collected a handful amount of make-up, skin care, body care, hair care and even one nail treatment.

I will start with an Avon Clearskin blemish clearing bubble cleanser. I remember having one before in a different packaging but the concept is the same. It is liquid but when you press it down the light foam comes up which cleansed my face nicely, it wasn't too drying but I used it up way too fast. I think it lasted me only one month and I won't repurchase it again.

Next is L'oreal Micellar water which is already a repurchase. I like it a lot, it cleanses my skin and it is cheap. I received the new version of it which is now housed in a round bottle and the size is twice as big. I think it will last me for a long time and probably I will repurchase it again or maybe I will try something new.

In the green bottle is already discontinued Avon naturals Great Burdock and Nettle hair mist. It smells fresh like a forest after rain and it instantly makes my hair less frizzy and smoother, the effect doesn't last for long but it is a nice and quick 'fixer' and because it is not oil based I can use a little more and I'm not afraid of oily hair. This is my third bottle of it and I have one more backup left and after that one is gone it is gone.

In the little red tube is Yves Rocher Cranberry cooling effect face mask. I had it for a couple of years and maybe because it was a bit older I didn't noticed any cooling effect on my skin so I just used it up but I haven't noticed any difference so I won't be repurchasing again.

Now, Holika Holika Petite Essential BB cream was one of my absolute favorites and they don't make it anymore. They first replaced it with Bouncing one which was nothing like this and now they cleared all of them out and have a completely new Lolipop line. This baby was pigmented and so easy to spread, it covered my imperfections, I just had to set it well to stick it onto my face. The color was nice and fair but I sometimes mixed it with something lighter to adapt to my skin color better. I would definitely repurchase it again if it would still be around.

Under orange tube of perfection is pink Avon Anew Vitale BB cream which was a bit of a flop compared with the HH one. It was light but on my face it turned too pink after some minutes plus the coverage was so light that only people with already perfect skin could use it and be happy. I still used it up but on my neck just to connect my face with the rest of my body. I'm glad that it is gone and I have some other BB creams that disappointed me with low coverage that I can use on my neck and will replace this one.

The only one nail product is this old Avon nail experts adhesive base coat. Some time ago I added some golden nail polish to create my custom golden shimmery top coat but I didn't like it at all so I still used it as a base coat under my colored nail polishes and now I finally used it all up.

Melvita Damask Rose floral water was nice. I like the toners in spray bottles to refresh my make-up after I'm done with my cream products. I find that a little spritz of toner helps everything blend better together and absorbe into my skin so the result is more natural. Afterward I powder my skin and apply my mascara and I'm done. I find reaching for this trick more in the cooler months but even in the hot Summer sometimes a little refreshment is crucial. This particular bottle was a gift with purchase and in the past I already went through one of them already but I have to admit that I prefer the Lavender one a little better.

The very last item is the Rituals Touch of Happines ultra rich, whipped body cream. I loved the sweet orange and cedar wood scent which is so very 'me'. It was comforting and relaxing but I went through it way too fast. I don't think I would repurchase it even though this brand would be available to me. In general I adore their product but the price tags are a bit high so I usually get them as gifts from my lovely sister when she travels and brings them back to me as souvenirs.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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