22 April 2019

Brown Brilliance


this product has been sitting in here for way too long (I remember I bought it shortly after it came out and now it is already discontinued). They had three versions out there but this one looked like the most 'natural' and wearable out of them.

It is Catrice light spectrum strobing brick in Brown Brilliance shade.
It is supposed to be a highlighter but I mostly use it as a bronzer or eye shadow.

It comes with five shades and I like the mix of cool, neutral and warmer tones. The one on the far right looks a bit orange - bronze but when mixed together it doesn't makes me look orange.

All of the shades contains small shimmer which translates more so as a sheen on the skin and not like a glitter which is much appreciated in the cheek products.

Separate colors are big enough to fetch them with eye shadow brushes and create lovely natural looking eye looks.
The first shade (far left, looks almost white in the pan) is a bit hard to see here but the sheen compensate for it, it does not lack pigmentation but it is rather a very similar to my skin tone.
Second (top one in the palette) is the darkest and very neutral looking.
Third swatch is made with the bronze shade that scared me the most (can you imagine putting it on your cheeks? Yikes, right?) but when it is mixed with the rest of them it adds some warmth like a bronzer should.
Fourth (bottom) shade is a tad darker than my skin and makes a lovely highlighter on its own and has almost a little pink in it.
The fifth swatch is made with the middle shade and on the skin it looks darker than in the pan but if you look at the very last swatch (mix of all five colors) it is the most similar and for my skin shade and tone it looks like the most perfect bronzer.

Sometimes I use them separately on my eyes but if i mix them all together and use them on my cheeks it looks soo good. Not just the tone but also the sheen is right up my alley. All together this product is a great multitasker for me and when they announced that it will leave I was seriously thinking of getting a backup. At the end I didn't get it because it will take me a long time to finish it up and by the time they will have another amazing product out on the shelves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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