11 April 2019

Time For Romance, Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish and My Dear Reindeer


this week I'm on a vacation (I stayed at home but I don't need to go to work) so I'm playing with my make up a lot and having coffee with friend's I haven't seen in a long time. I thought it is the perfect time to do something fun with my nails because I haven't done anything glittery or super colorful in a while.

I dig out two polishes but then my brains were, wait! Don't I already have 'this' glitter?
It was face off time. I used old Essence Time for Romance and newer Catrice Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish and the color is Essence My Dear Reindeer. The two glitter nail polishes does look similar in the bottle, right?

On the nails you can clearly see the difference. Not only does the Essence one have more obvious sized particle differences but the smaller particles are holographic and sparkle much more. All in all they are not the same or similar but I was thinking do I need both? I don't wear sparkles as often as I did so having two in the same color seemed pointless. My eyes immediately goes to the Time for Romance shade and so I decided to give the Catrice one with the super long name away to my sister. The cool grey polish I will keep and I will try to use it up as soon as possible because it is getting a bit old otherwise I really like it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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