15 April 2019



it is time to check my 'trash' or if I say better my empty products. What I have loved and what not so much is shown below.

Avon bronzing multi stick in the shade Glowing Nude is getting pretty old. Avon suggest that you can use it on the eyes (too greasy for me and the color looks like someone punch me in the eye ;), on the cheeks (I loved it as a highlighter, I pretty much always blend the color out so much that I was only left with this amazing glow that I'm loving) or on the lips (amazing just as well, a bit of color and again this amazing shine, it remind me a bit of the old 90' style lip). I still think it is a lovely product but since it is getting old I have to get rid of it before it causes me some rash.

Next is a lovely toner from Milnica in the Rosemary version. The scent surprised me because it smells very herbal and fresh, a bit like tea tree oils do, not Rosemary like at all but it doesn't bother me. I refreshed and moisturized my skin and that is all that I should care (not to mention that the scent is something pleasant to my nose). I like it so much that I already repurchase it again. My only complaint is the big opening at the top and you can easily spill too much at once, other than that it is lovely. It does its job.

Another favorite of mine is Himalaya Neem Foaming face wash. I have used so many bottles of it and I will probably go through some more in the future. I like how it foams and thoroughly cleanses my skin. A definite repurchase.

The last item is L'oreal invisible dry shampoo in Sweet Fusion scent. I was interested in them ever since they came out with these fun looking bottles. I purchase two and this is the first one to go. The scent at first is a bit strong, powdery and floral but after some time it settles and it is not too distracting. My hair smelled so nice that on the days when I used it I didn't even use my perfume. The scents are intense so make sure you pick out the ones that you like but then again when you smell them from the bottle you can get the wrong idea, you have to spray them in your hair and let it sit for five minutes and then the 'real' scent develops. It is a bit white (don't let the 'invisible' claim fool you) but nothing a little shake can't fix it. I think these are lovely and if you can find them on sale I would highly suggest you to pick one to try it out.

The Body Shop wild Argan oil body butter was nothing but amazing. This scent was captivating and exactly what I like in a body moisturizer. Rich, creamy, a bit nutty and very warm, something you put on your clean body all over and it helps you sleep better. Very comforting and calming without any trace of lavender. Truly amazing and I would love to get more but I'm not so sure if it is still available.

For the last bit I have some lip products. I always try to use some up simply because I have so many and I'm constantly seen applying some.
First is the very last Essence Invisible Kiss transparent lip liner in Multitalent Wonder. I think this is my third one and since they don't make it anymore... but I bought some other one from Avon so I'm not left bare. I like to use clear because it suits every color and also I have noticed that the clear ones are more waxy, they smooth the lines and every lip product that I apply on top it just glides smoother and it also last longer, it doesn't affect the finish (some matte lip liners made the creamy lipstick more matte looking and I don't like that).

For Essence Cuddly Cushion lip gloss in Oily Glow I had some second thoughts. It smells lovely like honey, it is glosy but it doesn't last long (like 20 minutes and then I had to reapply), it is moisturizing but like I said constant reapplying is taking its toll. The applicator is also a bit big for my thin lips but what I was the most mad about is the amount that you get (1,5 ml, you use it maybe for a month and it is gone). I might buy some more if they will be on sale for 99 cents, otherwise never again, I would rather spent my 4 € on something else.

The very last item is Avon ultra glazewear shine burst lip gloss in the color Rose Splash. I think I purchased it shortly after I started with this blog and it was an interesting gloss. It is a bit thicker and creamier than most so it is not as shiny and juicy looking but instead it has plenty of pearl shimmer that gives that extra shine. This Rose Splash gloss was truly unique in my collection but it has time to go since the texture started to change.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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