30 April 2019



this month is finishing and lets wrap things with some empties.

I cleared out another Ilirija shampoo, this time it is Chamomile (I had Burdock the last time and I liked it a lot). This one smells amazing but unfortunately it didn't suit my hair. The next day they already felt greasy and I had to use a lot of dry shampoo to make them look okay. I used up half of the bottle on my hair the rest I used to clean my body. I would repurchase the Burdock version but not this one.

Next bottle is a proper body wash and it is Avon senses Magical Kingdom and it is supposed to smell like Jasmin and White Musk. It smells lovely, creamy and soft but I had ones that I liked better. It was fun to try out but next time I will get something else (I have already ordered the new Gelato Moments and I can't wait to get it;).

I have already stopped counting through how many tubes of this magical  Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer I went. It is simply the best for my oily skin because it provides my face with moisture but it doesn't leave it greasy. I'm not even testing anything else, I'm already on my new tube.

Second to last is Alverde aqua 24h hyaluron hydro face cream. I was in a bit of a testing faze and got this but it didn't suit me. It smells fresh and sea like but the texture is a bit weird. It is like a stickier lotion that takes a while to absorb but my skin still felt dry and too small for my face. I started to use it on my hands and body but if I applied a bit too much it started to roll of and it was not cute. Even though it didn't cost much I still regret this purchase.

The very last item on this photo is Avon Rare Pearls perfume which I craved for a long time. In the end I decided to get just the small 10 ml bottle because I have way too many perfumes and body sprays. I like powdery top note with heavier flower undertones but after wearing it for some time I think my love for it faded away. I still think it is lovely but most probably I won't grab a full size anytime soon or ever.

This big 35 ml tube of L'oreal infallible 24h matte foundation in the shade Vanilla is finally finished. This has great coverage, it stays matte for quite a while (with some powder on top) but I find this shade to be too dark for me and since I found a foundation that I like even better so stay tuned for the 'big' reveal.

This lovely little guy was part of the limited edition and I think now they don't have anything similar. It is Essence For boys and Girls stick face primer. I liked the easy application, it felt moisturizing but not greasy on my face. Make-up applied nicely over the top (only when my skin was extra dry then it looked a bit cakey and dry but after my naturals oils break through it looked more natural ;) but I don't think it prolonged the wear. It was one of those nifty little products that don't make a whole difference but when I used it I could tell, in a positive way that is.

I was super sceptic about this Nivea original lip balm. You see, I had bad experiences in the past (excluding the amazing lip butters in the little pots) and I thought that this will be just like the rest but as it turs out the formula really suited me. It is soft and buttery, it melts very easily and I like that greasy almost glossy feel on my lips and the most important part is that it is moisturizing. I didn't particularly liked the yellow packaging but I already have the basic blue packaging (both of them I received in the advent calendar so I couldn't choose colors).

This moth was big on lip balms because I went through another one and this one is Terra Naturi Shea butter and Jojoba lip balm. In the past I had the Orange and Citrus which remains as one of my favorites so I wanted to try this new flavor/scent but the 'original' citrus-y still wins in my books. This pink one had sweet - fruity scent like Haribo gummy bears and I wasn't always in the mood for it. I already have a backup of my favorite and this one will soon be forgotten.

And the very last item is Essence get picture ready pore refining face powder. Too bad that they discontinued this baby because in my opinion it was pretty nice. It was slightly peach toned so it didn't washed me out and it really was smoothing, it covered pores and lay over little bump without highlighting texture. Really lovely product, I can see on their official web site (check the German the international one is a mess) that they have this all about matte silky fixing compact powder which also looks peachy-pink. I will check it out the next time for sure.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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