02 May 2019

Lust of Quartz


I can't believe I haven't talk about this beauty yet. I introduced its brother in the olive green shade here. In fact I liked it so much that I got the beauty below afterwards.

L.O.V. The Glacious stylo long lasting eye shadow in the shade Lust of Quartz is the second and probably the last shade that I will own from them (the brand is no longer available in my country).

Champagne pink with silver shift is the the best description of this color that I can come up with but just like the other shade that I own it depends from the light and it is a bit of a shade shifter.

This one has less shimmer and more of a glow but I can still just pat it for the simple glittery effect, I really like this double feature where I can wear it full on or with just a hint of it and it can look completely different but it is the same product.

I think that on this picture it looks more peachy but when the light hits you it shines more intensely and has more rose nuance in it.

The formula once again is amazing. Creamy so it is easy to apply but it dries and sticks for the entire day without any creasing. My lids are definitely on the oilier side but with a touch of the Artdeco primer underneath it doesn't budge.

Some more swatches and how different it looks when the light hits it. Seriously, it is one of those shades that you can apply all over and it looks like three or four different colors, it adds dimension without even trying. Simple application, all day wear, unique color (at least in my collection) and it makes me look like I tried much harder that I actually did makes this shadow a stunner and an absolute must in my stash.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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