31 May 2019



long time no words from me, I know I know but I'm back with one of the most 'refreshing' posts. That is how these empties feels for me, like a little Spring cleaning where I get to throw a bunch of empty and now useless packaging away.
Less clutter is how I want to live my life and that mostly includes using up what I have (check) and buying as little as possible (a bit smaller check ;)-

Okay, without any rambling this is Garnie oil beauty body scrub. I bought a set with lotion which was recommended to me by my sister (I haven't used it yet) but this scrub was nice. I prefer to use a brush for my body but this one smelled really good. Would I repurchase it, nope simply I don't think it is cost efficient compared with the big 'horse' brush which lasts for a really long time.

Mixa baby surgras moisturizer for face and body for sensitive and dry skin was another 'let's try it out' kind of product. A while ago I was into baby creams for my sensitive skin to provide it with necessary moisture and tone down my redness. I wasn't really pleased with it (I honestly don't even remember what I thought of it since it was so long since I used it), now I found it at the back so I just used it on my body to finish it up.

One of my favorite face washes is this Himalaya purifying neem foaming face wash. It is bright green but it comes out as a light foam which effectively removes everything from my face but it doesn't dry it out. I still love it and I will buy it soon, right now I'm using another favorite of mine.

Hands down my favorite under the eye area concealer is this Essence camouflage healthy glow concealer in Light Ivory. It is a bit light that is why I only use it under my eyes but I love how buildable the coverage is and how natural it looks, very very little creasing and that is amazing. I'm already using my next tube of it.

Huh, Essence used to make these prettifying lip oils in three options (I had all of them). This one is red named First help pinky. It had very little pigment but it was super glossy/juicy looking with nice nourishing properties even though constant reapplying was a must. Still, I think it is worth it.

This is my second Milnica's Rosemary toner. It has quite a strong herbal scent (I like it a lot) but the reason why I keep buying it is that I think it is nicely moisturizing, I even pour it into the spray bottle and use it on my face without any cotton pads that would absorb its magic.

The very last one is this Fenjal intensive creme deo roll on that I fell in love with. Roll on thingy is my favorite way of applying deodorant and I liked the fresh and clean scent of it and to top it of it really worked for me, no stinky underarms for me  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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