04 June 2019

HD Active


finally we are having some proper Summer weather and all I can think of is my vacation (I haven't booked anything jet but it is nice to dream about beaches and sea, right?).
I started to use primer with high SPF again because the first time I used it it wasn't very warm and I wanted to see how it will perform under the hot sun.

It is Catrice HD activate performance primer with SPF 30.
It claims to be water & sweat proof and have pore minimizing effect. I like the little glass bottle with a pipette, it is convenient and easy to use but not so practical for traveling due the heavy glass.

Before every use you have to shake it well because it starts to separate, it is very liquid (as you can see on the photo) and very white. It does leave a bit of a white cast.

A little bit goes a long way so even though it only holds 15 ml it will last me a long time if I would only use it on my face.

The skin stays sticky even after I left it on the skin for a couple of minutes (it feels like any other cream with an SPF). The pore minimizing effect is there but the first claim? Water and sweat proof? Not for me unfortunately, I have very oily skin (especially in this hot weather). I used it under the matching Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation (the same packaging so they should work well together), at first it looked nice. My skin remained slightly sticky even after generous amount of powder, hair were sticking all over my face and neck. After two hours my face started to melt, the foundation was breaking especially around my mouth and chin area (there is where my skin moves around the most and if it breaks it breaks there), the forehead and cheeks were extra oily but still okay but my jaw line looked horrible. I used it on my off days when I just did some errands but mostly I stayed inside in my apartment so no one needed to see me. I would be too embarrassed to walk around.
All in all I did not like it at all. To be fair pretty much all of the creams with an SPF do that to my make-up so this one is nothing special but there is one positive feedback I can give and that is that it did not made me break out. I haven't noticed any pimples during my wear time and that is impressive. That being said I will use it on my chest and arms so probably it will soon appear in my empties but I would buy it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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