22 June 2019

Dreams are calling


I'm a bit late but this Essence collection can still be found in the stores (just today I was checking the bronzers but they are super large and slightly too orange toned for me).

I was lucky enough to receive this PR gift from Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows Essence collection. It is one of the two baked multi colour highlighters in the shade Dreams are calling (the more pink version of the two).

I really like the 'striped' look so if you want only one color you can dip only in one section and this way you get plenty of different color options.

The shades are all blinding, on the skin they look almost like cream products (Essence can really do their highlighters, I'm rarely disappointed in them).

The last swatch is a mix of all three shades together and it creates this lovely rose toned shade which I can wear as a blush (I'm too pale for it to be worn as a highlighter). I like to use the first shade on its own or I mix the first and the second a bit warmer one together to create this intense highlighter on my cheeks.
As I mentioned I like how many color combinations you get within one product and also that this doesn't work just as a highlighter but doubles as a glowing blush or I even use it on my eyes for intense bling.

Thank you Essence for sending this beautiful product my way.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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