16 June 2019



it is quite late so I will try to make it short and sweet this time. I know that I like to talk about my used up products because when you empty something you really truly get a feel for a product and the opinion is really valid but still sometimes I notice that I change my mind after a second bottle or tube, I guess we are all different and sometimes an item feels nice and in some other season it just doesn't.

It is not a secret that I love anything with a Peony or Rose scent so these products really should not strike you as a surprise. This Le Petit Marseiliais Raspberry and Peony body wash is my second tube of it and even though I don't really care for body washes (I would get something cheap for washing my body and rather splurge on moisturizer) but I just can't resist this gorgeous scent. If I will find it on sale I would get it again.

Next are the Avon naturals Raspberry and Hibiscus conditioner and shampoo duo. I have used up countless bottles of this shampoo but I think this is my second or third bottle of the matching conditioner. I remember that the last time I used them up I didn't see any big difference so I wasn't so sure if I would repurchase it again but I'm happy that I did. My hair are a bit dry at the moment and this combination makes them soft, silky and so smooth plus the scent is to die for. I already have another bottle of this shampoo in my shower but I'm using different conditioner (I'm going through my stash and once I will use everything up I'm getting it again).

There is nothing wrong with these lip liners from Avon but I realized that I don't use them and that I don't want to use them. They are Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liners in Mystery Mauve, Simply Spice and Coral Desire. They are very pigmented but I don't like sharply lined lips on myself, the colors are muted and bold and that is another thing I don't like. I prefer soft lips, no harsh edges, painted in light colors so I get more of a natural look. I had them for quite a long time so I think now it is about time to get them out of my way. 

The very last item is limited edition item from last year. Essence glow like you're on your dream date multi-use liquid highlighter, I mostly mixed it in with my Catrice foundation otherwise it would take me forever to finish it up. I liked that it wasn't too yellow, so the color looked natural and I could adjust the effect. More subtle glow on 'normal' days but when I wanted to amp it up I added a second layer on top of my cheekbones for that extra attention. It was a nice product but I think I will avoid cream cheek products in the future. I find powders to be easier to work with plus they don't expire so fast as cream products do.

Swatches of all Avon lip liners that I own (besides the clear one which I'm using daily and I love). First is Mystery Mauve, second is Simply Spice and third is Coral Desire. They are all very pigmented and muted in tone. These colors are nice but I just don't feel comfortable wearing them. My lips looked very matte after application and if I put creamy lipstick on top it will soon look full on matte, these liners just suck the moisture out of products and my lips. If you don't mind dry lips, like matte look and are looking for something long lasting then these are definitely for you.
They were nice for playing around and testing the trend but since it doesn't suit me I don't think I will buy and colored lip liners again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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