03 May 2019

Tip Top Taupe


another beauty from already discontinued line of Essence nail polishes (I still saw plenty of bottles in some close to me stores so you might still can find some). I love Essence nail varnishes because they are inexpensive, they last on me and have plenty of shades to choose from.

This one is Essence the gel nail polish in the Tip Top Taupe color. Such an interesting shade, not too grey or beige but a perfect mix of the two.
It reminds me of doves because even they aren't completely grey, right?

It does depends from the light and your undertone. I think on me it looks a bit more grey but since I'm a fan of grey nail tips I'm a happy kid whenever I wear it.
It lasted on me an average 5-6 days until I had to remove but mostly because my nails grow like weed and the gap between was getting too big for my liking.

When they discontinued them I rushed to the store and bought 8 different shades and this one is the third out of the bunch that I tried the other five will soon follow.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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