07 May 2019

Project polish


project polish is going strong and this time around I have some of my favorite colors. They are all very different from one another but all so very beautiful and very 'me'.
The two small 5 ml bottles come from 2015 advent calendar and the middle, bigger 8 ml bottle is from their past sub line called the nudes.

They are all from Essence which makes lovely nail polishes formula, color and texture vise. First bright one is Have a very pink x-mas and it is not red nor completely pink but something in between with a hint of berry. This was lovely to brighten my nails without looking too typically red, very nice and it will be missed. Thankfully I have one from Catrice that it is similar ;)

Next is sheer, cream to pink polish with golden shimmer named Baby Doll. This one looked so effortless and elegant. Chic and grownup in my opinion. Such a shame that it is no longer available but I have some shades that come close, some are more pink, some don't have any pink in them at all, most have cream finish with full opacity... I could go on and on, the point is that I have probably around 10 bottles that are similar but noting comes close.

The very last moody grey is My dear Reindeer and has a cream finish. I have a soft spot for grey shades in all tones so even though it my look dull is a winner in my books since grey makes me happy. This tone was lovely but I have a couple bottles of similar shades left so my nails continues to be painted in cement grey shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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