04 May 2019

Natural Radiance I


this brand still surprises me with it's awesome products. This time I have an amazing highlighter. I felt very brave to pick this obvious pink shade but since it was on sale I grabbed it.

It is Trend it up Natural Radiant highlighter in the color 30. It is cool toned and almost silver on the skin (I don't think this one is still around but the similar looking shade, warmer looking pink is on their shelves right now that intrigues me, I think it is shade no. 35).

I also love the print and the 3D effect even though with use it goes away and seems pointless but the little things like that warm my heart (I already have blush with the same packaging but I don't own any bronzers like that from them, there isn't many to choose from).

Here you can see that it produces plenty of shine and that it makes my skin looks frozen but since I'm pale it looks okay and not too out of this place. Pink doesn't really comes through as I was afraid and my favorite way to use it to top bronzers with it, that way I avoid looking too warm.

Here it almost looks like it has shimmer but it doesn't, it is just glow, that beautiful glow that obsessed me and made me go back to the store and get another shade  ;)   and now I'm already thinking if I should get a third one...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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