15 May 2019



on this rainy day I collected all my empties. It is a colorful bunch of  awesome and some not so great products. Some of them I will definitely repurchase or I have already and some that I will never touch again.

First is Balea coconut water which smells awful, very plastic like so I hold my breath for as long as possible after using it but then it evaporates and I can't detect it anymore (thankfully this scent is discontinued but I think they now have just the non scented version and something with mint or citrus? Something refreshing maybe? I should check). I used it because the mist is so fine, it hits my face evenly and it is never too wet. I was pretty consistent and used it on top of my make up to avoid cakey and dry patches and it worked fine, so I'm definitely looking for a new one in a different scent or unscented version.
Next is what become my favorite foundation and it is Catrice HD liquid foundation in Light Beige. I love the pipette/dropper even though it is not that efficient but better than nothing. The color Light Beige is a perfect match and even though it is supposed to be matte it has some glow (no shimmer), it looks natural on the skin and the coverage is pretty high on its own but you can definitely build it up and go all out with it. I love it and I'm already using a new bottle of it.

Another favorite of mine is this Alverde aqua see algea essence. This watery essence took me by surprise. I really wasn't expecting much from it but this little baby moisturized my dehydrated skin with ease, I know you shouldn't use it on its own so I top it off with some moisturizing oil and it did wonders for my skin. This will most definitely end up again in my basket but first I have to use up some more expensive and less efficient essences and elixirs before I purchase it again.

I fell in love with the scent of this The Body Shop Vineyard peach body lotion. It really smell authentic and it is gorgeous but I have noticed that it wasn't moisturizing enough for my skin and I got some dry patches after I started using it (I can't verify that this lotion caused it but after I started using the oil that I will talk in a second my skin healed and now that I'm not using it anymore it looks like nothing happened). The scent was definitely amazing but nourishing properties weren't there.

So the magical miracle that I mentioned is this Melvita Jojoba oil. I ended up using it for so many things like removing my make-up (I started doing the triple cleanse, first is the oil to separate make-up from my face, second is some kind of gel to efficiently remove make-up off my face and third is cotton pad soaked with micellar water to make sure everything is clean). It definitely works as cleanser, then when my face was clean I would use a couple  of drops to moisturize my face, I used it on my arms where I developed some dry patches to sooth and nourish and I even used it on the ends of my hair. I definitely need more Jojoba oil in my life but first I will try to use some others up before repurchasing.

The very last item is this all in one Garnie skinactive rose 3 in 1, cream and mask. They suggest to use it in the morning and night but also as a mask if you don't mind slapping a thicker layer on. I didn't like it at all. It was not light enough, the texture reminded me of a butter so it was definitely not great for the day under make-up (at least for my oily skin), I tried it at night but after a while it absorbs and my skin didn't feel nourished but tight and not really taken care of and if I applied a thicker layer it just dried and it lay on top of my skin and did nothing. Well, probably it did something but the results were so minimal that I didn't notice them. At the end I just used it on my body and didn't worry about it.

This Trend it up Soft color butter pen lipstick in the shade 010 is so good, a perfect mix of gloss, lipstick and lip balm. I wish they would make more shades of them. I scrap everything out of the tube so there wasn't enough for the swatch but if you are curious some swatches are here. This formula is one of my favorites and I wish they would still make it.
Next are the Catrice beautifying lip smoothers in Coffee to go and Best mauve ever. I originally wanted the soft pink shade but since I couldn't find it I settled for these two. Nude one was a bit too light for me so I only wore it inside (so no one saw me) and the brighter berry one was a bit too bright and I was too scared to wear it in public in case of bleeding or going out of my lines. They had a nice formula but nothing too spectacular, if they would still be available I wouldn't get them. I didn't completely finish them because they started to smell so I decided to part with them and use something that is at least still good.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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