05 November 2018

Lunar Shine


I feel like today is a good day to show some beautiful eye shadow. The one below is creamy and not something I'm used to it but the more I wear it the more I come around. Usually I use cream shadows as bases for my powders but this one is gorgeous on its own or as a topper.

L.O.V The Glacious long lasting eye shadow in the shade Lunar Shine.

It comes in a not so slim pencil but it is very creamy and a little pressure leaves a lot of color. I roll just a tip out to apply it (not so much as it is on the picture above) because I'm afraid that it might break.

In the store I thought that this one is pretty special and nothing in my collection (cream or powder) doesn't come close. The shade is cool toned bronze with an olive green tone and plenty of sliver shimmers. I rarely wear it so full on because I'm afraid that it will crease even though it doesn't. It has proven itself with a very long lasting formula and I'm someone with extremely oily lids.

Here is another swatch where it looks a bit more brown, it really depends from the light and base colors (if you decide put it on top of another shadow). Here it is not so very obvious but next to it is another swatch made with the same pencil and it is showcasing the silver glitter. In real life it reflex more and is more noticeable.
I like to put some base powder shadow first and then I rub my finger on the shadow so I have some glitter and color on my fingertip and just pat it on the lid to get a bit more attention  ;)

I like doing this so much, playing with glitter on my eyes makes me super happy and even on the moodiest day it makes me happier.

What about you? Does some sparkle makes you feel better?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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