02 November 2018

Project Polish


I haven't post within Project Polish in a very long time (in July I did the last update). I took some time off and use some new and some old shades but I haven't focus on finish them up. I didn't get tired of this project because I really do want to minimize my nail polish collection, I just needed  some time off. At the moment I have 103 bottles and I want to get down for at least another fifty. I know this goal isn't manageable to achieve this year but if I continue...

This first is limited edition from Catrice in the shade Meet Berry. I'm not someone who would wear bright pink so it still baffles me why I bought this one but nevertheless I actually really like it. The slight purple tone in it makes it unique and not so in your face bright. I enjoyed wearing it but I won't run to the store to buy something similar.

The other two are both Essence bottles from 2015 advent calendar. I got twenty bottles in there and big variety of shades. I have found a lot of favorites in there and these two babies were among them. The golden one is Essence Do you hear the Jinglebells? and I especially liked that it was not very yellow but almost bronze gold, such a beautiful shimmery shade. I have some other shades which are similar but none come close.

The other one is a bit deeper red and such a stunner. It is named Rudolph's favorite and it was also one of my favorites. I like to wear red nail polish and I like true and deeper red, creams and shimmers, I just can't resist ;)  I have a couple of reds at the moment so I'm not too sad that this one is gone.

At the end I really liked all three of them so no wonder I had no issues to use them up, well maybe the formula wasn't the best but that is due to age.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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