13 April 2019

Tomorrowland White Gold


today I have a little throwback item for you. With this creamy product I have a bit of a love hate relationship with...

Catrice Strobe to Glow Tomorrowland White Gold highlighter is the product I'm talking about. I bought it right after it came out and later I also purchased another shade, review can be found here

 In the packaging it looks gorgeous, like a shiny sphere and even though it looks glittery the particles get lost and you are left with this amazing creamy glow. I think that the formula is top notch and all three colors are also really nice.

Tomorrowland White Gold highlighter is golden but not in your face yellow and that is somehow rare to get. It is warm but not odd looking on my pale complexion.
It pairs lovely with some bronzer to get the Summery vibe or sometimes I even mix it with the other shade that I have called Silver Rose to get more of a neutral tone. I'm still having so much fun with these two creamy highlighters even though I prefer to use powders. These highlighters were a nice exception and I hope one day they will bring them back.

In the begining I said that I have a love hate relationship with it and that is because it pairs beautifully with Catrice foundation but L'oreal one just doesn't like it. If I use the 'right one' it looks gorgeous, it blends in and reflexes like crazy but if I go with the 'wrong one' it lifts the foundation and applies all patchy. All I'm saying is that sometimes it is not the products fault but the combination so I always try to give the product more than one chance.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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