14 April 2019



another 'novelty' is coming your way. I completely forgot that I haven't post it jet, I kept it hidden from myself even though I use the actual product quite regularly.

Catrice longlasting sweatproof  eye shadow stix in Satinfaction is the product in question.
It comes in this handy stick format and there are plenty of shades to choose from, I received the lightest which is perfect to highlight my inner corners.

The shape is slightly different than what I'm used to it because it comes in this triangular shape which is supposed to make the application easier.

The color like I said is perfect to use in my inner corners but the pointy shape really doesn't make a difference, it could just as well be round. I also used it a couple of times on my lower lash line to just add some barely there sparkle, very subtle and pretty (in my opinion). I have used it all over my lid but that is a bit harder because the stick itself is a bit small and it takes time to cover the entire lid with it. It is creamy enough to stick to the skin but not creamy enough to apply it on the back of my hand and then I tried to swipe it with my finger and apply all over the lid with my finger. The best is to apply it straight from the stick.

The first swatch is a bit exaggerated, I applied a couple of layers to show the beautiful reflex and the light base color and the second one is just one swipe to show the intensity.

The color and shine aren't particularly cool or warm toned, very neutral and maybe slightly peachy toned which I think looks very nice and goes with a lot of skin undertones.
This product really grew on me and I use it very regularly (I can already see some dent in it and if I will continue with this pace I might even use it up this year) but I'm not too sure about other shades. I think the surface is a bit small and it takes quite some time to cover the entire lid evenly with it, I know I wouldn't have the time to do it. I think they should focus more into lighter - inner corner highlighters but then again you can always use them on the lash line to add some attention with a color but for that we have pencils which are thinner and more precise.

There are positive and negative sides attached to this small surface styled pen. I know I will use up this one but if I will get another shades to line my eyes with is still under a question mark.

Do you have any? What is your opinion on them? Are they worth it?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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