16 July 2019



I'm back with another quick post or at least I hope it will be short and sweet.
It is time for some empties.

First is The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice clarifying polishing powder wash. It is essentially powder that doesn't completely dissolve so it gently rubs and polish the skin. It really feels gentle but since I was used to some harsher stuff this felt a bit light so I used it more on a regular base. All in all, I think I have learn that gentle is the way to go but this little fella seems a bit expensive so I purchased similar polish from a different brand to try it out but this powder really showed me the new ways of scrubbing.

 Purple tube is already discontinued Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB with SPF 30 PA ++. This is my second used up tube of it and now I can't find it anymore. It was a smidge dark for me but high coverage, easy glide and blend with my skin was phenomenal. The high SPF which didn't break me out was a massive plus. The only downfall is that BB creams and my oily skin on the long run don't work that well, after a couple of hours I do look all greasy and after so many blotting sessions even powder couldn't help me out. After a couple of years of relying on Asian BB creams I switched completely on foundations and for now BB creams only come handy to blend my neck or on vacation.

This bottle of oil I bought on a whim. I remember seeing it on sale and I heard good reviews in general about this brand so I wanted to try at least something (even though I use up one of their face washes and it was average to me). Alpstories 100% pure Avocado Oil had a weird scent, slightly unpleasant but it went away pretty fast so it didn't bother me too much. The oil is liquid and thick at the same time, most of it I used as a make-up remover and it worked amazingly well. It managed to melt all of my make-up, next I followed with a face wash to remove 'dirty oil' and my face was clean but not dry. I thoroughly enjoyed it and after I will be done with the hazelnut oil that I'm using at the moment I will repurchase this particular oil again. I'm not sure where to get it but when I will run low I will make sure to find it out.

Second to last is this raved by everyone concealer. I for sure was amazed by it for quite a while but then something even slightly better came around. This is Catrice liquid camouflage high coverage concealer in the shade 010 Porcellain. It is a tad lighter than my skin but I found out that this slightly lighter tone helped brighten up my under eye area even better and I wasn't using it anywhere else. High coverage and creamy/liquid formula are what won everyone's hearts. I loved it a lot but then I got a hold of the Essence liquid concealer (healthy glow version is the best, compared to the Catrice one it creases even less and with the Catrice one you can barely even notice the creasing). I would buy any of the two but if I can choose than my vote goes to the Essence one.

The very last item is this another amazing product and it is Avon true color SuperShock volume mascara in black. My sister only wears this one so don't even think on discontinuing it Avon. I love the big brush with rubber spikes that combs through every single lash. It elongates them and makes them look super natural (no clumping). Of course you can add more layers to add volume to every single lash but it will never look fake or too done.On me it pretty much always looks like I'm not even wearing mascara in a good way. My eyes are still the center point without looking too unnatural. I have already repurchase it but now Avon came out with another similar looking mascara...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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