31 August 2019



I just got back from my vacation and while I had a blast I mostly enjoyed my time outside on the sun and in the sea. I used very minimal skincare only the necessary items but since I used so many I didn't end up finishing any. I guess I will try to use them in the next few days (while the weather is still sunny) or next year.

I have finished another one from Catrice vitamin lip treatment line and this one is called Bohemian Raspberry. A lovely berry-red shade that gave my lips just enough pigment to tint them slightly more red. I'm really into this healthy looking lip situation and not only the shade was perfect the product itself is lovely too. The Watermelon scent, glossines and nourishing properties. This was my second one and I have three more to go.

Next is Blistex mango lip balm. I remember having the original version and I liked it so when I saw this fruity one I decided to get it. It smells lovely but it wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I did a mistake and purchased two more (one in Mango and the other is Strawberry) so I'm not quite done with them but if I wouldn't buy them in advance I wouldn't repurchase them.

La Petit Marseiliais makes this Shea and Fig body lotion which is in my opinion divine. The scent is calming and rich but not too overpowering, the nourishing properties could be better (it is not bad but I noticed if I get really dry skin then it doesn't help much) but for regular everyday is divine and I can easily see myself repurchasing it soon.

I finished another bunch of these Garnier moisture and comfort tissue masks. This time I went with  with Chamomile and Hyaluronic acid combo because my skin just went through some nasty cold and it showcased on my skin. I'm still not sure if these tissue masks do anything. I'm starting to realize that perhaps they don't turn my skin dramatically. It says on the packaging that one of their masks is equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum in concentration but honestly I don't see that.

The very last item is Ombia cosmetics Hyaluron gel. I use it at night to carry my oils into the deeper levels of my skin and retain moisture. I really like it and have another bottle ready to go.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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