20 August 2019



this review took me a while to post it because the texture and the color aren't very me as I don't like to wear to work such a statement lip. I tried to wear it at least once a week.

It is Essence velvet matte Unredsistible lipstick. This one was sent to me otherwise I don't think I would have it. Matte textures just aren't for me, I prefer something glossier.

This shade is straight up red and slightly cool toned (I know, on the photo it looks like a bright coral but trust me the name says it all).

Here I didn't wear it full on. I think I put two coats on and slightly tap it over with my finger that is why it looks almost powdery and that is also how I like to wear it. The only 'shame' (in my opinion, this is just my personal taste) is that it turns slightly pink while tapping it but other than that I was really impressed. It isn't full on matte. Chalky and dry and uncomfortable. It is actually a joy to wear. Sure after whole day of wearing it my lips did got a bit dry but that was just from not moisturizing them and I think that the lipstick didn't make them more dry. Second is that it stick to my lips, I can drink with it and it still stays pretty nice. It does wear off after some time in the middle but nothing a little retouch can't fix. All in all this is a very lovely lipstick and I went that far that I even wanted to get a more neutral shade for everyday but sadly they don't make it, jet. I would gladly have a neutral, soft pink, so Essence please make one for us more neutral gals.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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