01 September 2019

On air!


I purchased this nail polish at the beginning of this year and I was just starring at it. I wasn't so sure that I made the right choice by picking it up. Do you also get the hives while at the store but when you sit in the car and contemplate you realize that you really didn't need it and that it is perhaps not a color you would wear?

Anyways, for this Essence On air! nail varnish I didn't really have high hopes. Golds are tricky for me, in general I like them also I prefer gold than silver jewellery but I have issues when gold is too yellow..

Thankfully this one is almost cool toned gold. It is made with tons and tons of sparkles and some of them are also silver, not too much because it still looks gold but the result is more neutral toned.

Putting it on I immediately bonded with it. The shine that these sparkles produce is insane and the tone is just right. I'm super glad that they decided to keep this shade (I have the old curvy bottle but you can get it in the new version everywhere where they sell Essence). It lasted on me for super long time as shimmery nail polishes do and even the removing process wasn't too bad. A bit longer than with the creamy varnish but not as time consuming as with glitters.
I love how it sparkled on the sun and under the lamp. The color is subtle enough to go with every outfit (if you care about that) but the shine adds something special so it is never boring or 'just neutral'. I think I have found the one, the one that I can wear to any occasion but still feel special. I love when a simple thing like nail polish can make me feel like that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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