14 September 2019

Nurturing Nude and Revitalizing Raspberry


this post is long overdue. I bought these two lipsticks back in... I can't even remember. I purchased them right when they came out and I still haven't find the time to show them here until today.

Avon supreme nourishing lipsticks are housed in standard Avon packaging with bronze bar in the middle.

These guys are marbled and that was what caught my attention right away. Show me marbled products and I'm sold (I can't wait for the new Catrice Pure simplicity collection).

Each product is individualized so even if I would repurchase one of the two shades it would look different. It also looks different on the lips from day to day and that can be very fun.

This lovely nude is Nurturing Nude. After wearing it a couple of days the layer under the surface revealed thick coat of balm which dilutes color so it was more sheer (you can check it how it looked on my lips while on the swatch the full on color is seen).

Soft red is Revitalizing Raspberry. Lovely shade but a little bolder and therefore not something I could wear everyday. I think that the color looks lovely on me but I don't feel like wearing it all the time.

Nurturing Nude and Revitalizing Raspberry as they are in full on mode with barely there balm lines. That is how they looked in its boldest form. Nude one has warmer tones and I actually prefer it mixed with balm as I demonstrate on the picture below.

Nurturing Nude has some golden shimmer but it is barely noticeable and it tints my lips almost peachy. Very very nice and I have actually already finished it ;) (if you read my empties you were able to spot it). I'm debating if I would repurchase it again, one reason is that at the moment I don't have any nude shades and this one was really nice but at the same time I'm ready to try something new... decisions, decision.

Revitalizing Raspberry is much bolder and even mixed with balm didn't helped much. I like the slightly glossy look but the color isn't something I could easily reapply and wear with confidence. In essence I like the warm tone but I wear it once or twice a month so I still have plenty to go through. Wish me luck that I will finish it before it will go bad  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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