07 September 2019

Secret Apricot


I have plenty of blushes in my stash. I could say that I discovered them pretty late in my make-up journey. That being said I also accumulated plenty of them and I haven't show you all of them yet.

This pretty unique blush shade (at least in my collection) is L.O.V heartful healthy glow blush in Secret Apricot. I purchased it when the brand was still available in our stores and my eyes gravitated to the most unusual shade on the shelf.

It is called secret Apricot but there is nothing secret about it. It is bright and vivid coral leaning towards orange territory shade.

I have to be careful because it is very pigmented but if you do it right (lightly) it looks gorgeous. It gives my cheeks that healthy color that radiates almost within.

Even though this collection is called healthy glow (I would agree with the healthy looking part) but glow gets me. Some of the shades I think had some sheen and some didn't. Mine is shine free, matte but not chalky dry. The finish is still very beautiful but since I'm a big fan of glowy cheeks I like to add some extra highlighter just to accentuate the color a bit more.

I'm super happy with this shade and I think it looks good on my pale face but it would look even better if I would work on some tan (I tried but with no avail).
Before they completely pulled out of our market I remember checking out their range for some more lovely blushes. Don't get me wrong, they were amazing but nothing too special, I felt like I already had all of the shades. Probably this will be the only blush I will own from them but boy, oh boy, it is a gorgeous one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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