21 September 2019

Electric Valley 010 lipstick


this again is long overdue but since the color is so bright and happy I just had to show and talk about it.

It is from Trend It Up brand and this particular lipstick was part of their Electric Valley collection. They had a couple of shades but I ventured straight into the brightest color in the shade 010.

It is bright coral hue and I thought it would be fun for the Summer time.

Even though the tubes are not that special they have some extra touches and a loud click which ensures that it won't open in my purse. The packaging feels very well made and sturdy.

It is part of their cream formula (I'm a fan of creamier lipsticks) and I was eager to try it out. I know that it is not the best formula for bold colors but with this one it kind of works. It is not too slippery and it doesn't feather out of the lines but it also doesn't survive a meal. I usually wear it when I meet for coffee (if I drink with care it is okay or when I go shopping...). For work I definitely prefer lighter, more neutral hues that don't require so much care.
I like this formula but I think it will be better with lighter tones and the color is very fun, not something for every day but more once a week kind of affair and I think it is perfectly okay. It was very inexpensive to begin with. Next time when I will be in the store I have to check what other shades they have, especially now when they did the whole turnover.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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